Neal Powers

Neal studied with Dr. Ida Rolf in 1971 and became enraptured by her trainings. He studied along side John Lodge, Jan Sultan, Beverly Silverman, Emmett Hutchins, and Stacey Mills.

Neal has a an infectious enthusiasm for this work and life as a whole. He offers a wealth of stories and insights from a half century of practice. He is a true master of the craft.

“As practitioners we have at our fingertips the opportunity to create change and ease in physical bodies. And over time we develop a refinement of touch and an awareness of patterns and movement both in ourselves and in our clients that elicit positive change. Even our clients become our teachers. Their feedback and revelations in receiving the work often give us a degree of guidance which subsequently provides us with a greater understanding of where and how to work with their individual bodies.”

“This profession is our collective journey and I am touched to be be with each and all of you.”