Continuing Education for Massage Therapists

About Bodywork Guild

It is the mission of the Bodywork Guild to serve the licensed massage therapists in the greater capital region of New York with high quality, easy to access continuing education

The Bodywork Guild will provide fulfill the need of continuing education requirements for massage therapists in upstate New York. The Bodywork Guild will focus on therapeutic modalities such as Rolf Structural Integration, myofascial massage, deep tissue massage and craniosacral therapy.

The Bodywork Guild will provide in classroom training as well as online training. In class training will be supplemented in the digital space with video and an online resource center.

Trainings will be designed to advance the career of participants by offering trainings for high demand modalities. Teachers will be experts in their field or modality and have a minimum of two years teaching experience.

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A Structural Approach to Bodywork Which Is Useful To Anywork

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Having worked for many years alongside Dr. Rolf’s chosen teachers of Structural Integration, Nilce is now recognized as an expert in her own right.  She remains committed to establishing Dr. Rolf’s work internationally, and in strengthening its position in today’s marketplace.

Through her workshops and mentorships at home in Brazil and abroad, Nilce enriches the quality of work and depth of understanding of Structural Integration practitioners throughout the world.

Nilce teaches for:
• The European Guild of SI
• The International School of SI
• The Japanese Guild of SI.


Nick is an advanced Rolf Structural Integration Practitioner who studied at the Guild for Structural Integration with Emmett Hutchins, Ida Rolfs senior teacher & 50 year Rolfer.

After spending several years as a solo practitioner, Nick opened Bodywork Professionals in 2005 as an exclusive bodywork based practice and now has several locations.

Nick’s 14 classes are New York State and NCTBMB approved. Nick is the owner and Director of the Bodywork Guild.

                  A Note from Nick

Dear Therapists,

Twenty years ago when I went to Rolf Structural Integration school, I had the pleasure of having Nilce as my mentor.

The first several months of the training, you aren't allowed to touch anyone and that is what we call "learning to see". You observe the work, the clients, the practitioners and "you learn how to see". You learn to see what Structural Integration means.

Now I have the great privilege and pleasure of bringing Nilce to Saratoga Springs for 3 days, where she will distill the wisdom of teaching in a workshop called "Learning To See: A Structural Approach To Bodywork Which Is Useful To Any Work" and I will be teaching alongside her.

This class will teach you the fundamentals of "learning to see" how the approach of Structural Integration can benefit your work and your clients. In this class we will do structural observations, we will do key hands-on techniques and we will learn the foundations of Structural Integration.

I strongly feel that this work will have a powerful effect on the Massage and Bodywork as a whole and I really believe that you will be a perfect fit to learn this work.

This introductory workshop would be wonderful to help you decide if this is for you and it would also fulfill your prerequisite for the larger Structural Integration course, should you decide to follow it in the future.

You really can be very successful as a Structural Integration therapist if you want to.

Happy New Year.
Nick Pavoldi


Course Offerings

Work Deeper Not Harder

SEPTEMBER 13TH, FRIDAY 10AM-2PM Hot Yoga Spot Albany, Ny This 4 hour class is a hands on approach to getting deeper into a variety of commonly asked for areas. You’ll learn to access deep layers of the low back, neck and shoulders simply and effectively. Learn to leverage your body...

Study Groups

We have a fun and interesting 3 hour group class format called a study group. In each class we will pick a topic and explore it in a few different ways. Our Psoas Pstudy group is an example. We’ll review anatomy by coloring in muscles, bone and fascia. Discuss palpation...

Medical Massage Series

Medical Massage Series classes will be broken into modular workshops, each focused on a different theme or body part. In total there are 7  classes covering the following areas: Autoimmune Disease, Intake, Headaches and Migraines, The Breath, MVA Neck, MVA Lower Back and Feet

Basic Traditional Thai Massage – Northern Style

This four day basic training covers history and philosophy of Thai massage, proper ergonomics for the therapist, wai khru, an intro to sen  lines, supine, prone, side-lying and seated positions. You will learn enough to give a two hour massage.    

Advanced Soft Tissue

This two day class is described as “soft” tissue as opposed to “deep” tissue because it is about refining your sense of touch and what is required to evoke change rather than forcing change.

Elements of Structure

Elements of Structure classes are based on the Structural Integration series of sessions. Classes will be broken into modular workshops, each focused on a different theme or body part. In total there are 11  classes covering the following areas: Superficial Layer. Feet and Lower Body, Side lying work, Pelvic Floor,...

Free Technique Videos

Sideline neck work

Sideline neck work

The “Candy cane-ing” method

The “Candy cane-ing” method